Ninjacat's Gen Con 2016 EVENTS

Welcome, welcome, WELCOME to my Gen Con 2016 Events page! This is a list of the eight events I will be running at Gen Con 2016, August 4th–August 7th. Click on any of the image links below to check out that particular event; each event's description will also link back to this page. I'll be running TWO trilogies this year, one for the Supernatural RPG and one for I Was A Teenage Creature. It is not at ALL necessary to play all of them to understand their stories; they will function as independent scenarios — you just get the whole story and the big picture if you play all three parts! I will also be wrapping up my The Dresden Files RPG trilogy, running its final part this year using the FATE Accelerated ruleset, as I did for Part 2 last year. And I will be starting things off on Thursday morning with my traditional Buffy the Vampire Slayer game, of course. And who knows, I might even run a pick-up game or two, if people are interested and time permits.

There may even be some easter eggs hiding in these pages somewhere, and there are DEFINITELY some on my I Was A Teenage Creature site....

—Hope to see you there!